An anniversary of sorts

EDIT:  Here’s another post I found in my Drafts folder.  Not sure why I didn’t post this either.  This is dated 11/3/11. 

I don’t know what you all were doing 3 months ago – but I sure know what I was doing!  I was having the 2nd surgery on my head (I don’t know why but it’s still so hard to say/write the “b” word)…and I’m sure glad for time passing and the Healing Hands of the Lord.

Lots of stuff going on.  Started back to work this week, slowly but surely with baby steps.  I told someone yesterday that it seems like just yesterday that I was at work and yet it seems like 8 years since I had been there.  Things can turn on a dime and I can just hold on with every ounce of strength I have.

I never thought of myself as a strong person but I think you find strength within at moments of utter despair.  Those are turning moments too.  You can either throw in the towel or hold on, as I said before, and KNOW that this too shall pass.  3 months ago isn’t really a long amount of time –

It’s funny how I seem to define my life based on these huge life events…in 2004 when my Dad passed I would describe things as either “before he passed or after”.  Then, in ’06 I met someone who effected my life and again it was the “before I met him and after”.  Now this, “before I got sick and after”…and then just a few weeks ago I’ve noticed another change in my life that is very profound that I know will be a “before and after” thing (I can’t think of the right word now).


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