A few things I learned from my colonoscopy

1).  There is such a thing as too much Jello.

2).  Beef broth is better than chicken broth.

3).  When drinking “THE STUFF” (my pet name for it) – lick a lemon before you chug it.  AND…don’t nurse the cup for the entire 15 minutes.  CHUG it and get it down, so then you can rest for the remaining 9-10 minutes before you have to start on another cup.

4).  Have more Popsicles on hand besides lime flavored.  UGH.

5).  Squirt isn’t considered a clear drink.  (Why?!)

6).  The prep. the day before really is worse than the procedure itself.

7).  When the nurse says, “OH SH*T! as she’s putting in your IV it doesn’t do well for your anxiety.  (The hospital overhead had just announced “CODE YELLOW” 2 seconds before her outburst. Thankfully she didn’t blurt that out because of my veins; however, she did have to go fishing for one and I told her NOT TO do that.)

8).  It helps to have a doctor you can count on to tell you the results when the GI clinic can’t see you for another month.  She gave me the results and the fabulous news is NO CANCER.

12 thoughts on “A few things I learned from my colonoscopy

    • Thank you so much! I had 3 polyps removed and they were benign. Yay! I can’t dance but I’m doing my own cheesy HAPPY dance. Good thing pictures aren’t involved. 🙂

    • I feel the same way! I had yellow, blue, green, and I think even an orange and I only got through half of the lemon and blue. It was Jello overload since I wasn’t sure what to expect. HAH. 🙂

  1. Mine was not as dramatic, thank goodness. Although we did have the same problem. My husband,read this one, because thay are telling him to get one. He tells me that you have a new nickname. CHUG Heather. Guess that makes me Georgia Jill?

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