Busy, loss, pressure (Photo of the day 9/27/12)

I’ve been busy lately. It’s great.

Typing a blog post in my iPod is kind of hard.

Haven’t had much medical stuff going on lately although next week I have GI follow up, thyroid ultrasound, and oncology appointment. That will be a busy week. Oh yes and dermatology too.

Talking with my counselor yesterday about the loss I experienced last year after diagnosis of the brain tumors. Then genetic condition. Experienced some SHOCKING loss tonight too. Tuck and roll friends. It’s all we can do.

I felt stretched too thin yesterday so I canceled my tutoring appointment and took some “me time”. Went hiking for 40 minutes. Loved it. Missed it. Will do more. I knew I needed space and needed to be with Heavenly Father to experience His blessings of nature.

I love editing photos on my iPod!


Doesn’t this look like a scene from a Tim Burton movie?


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