Here’s some light reading…

Errr, wait.

In my research I came across this article from 2000.  To me it reads like stereo instructions in Mandarin Chinese (which I do NOT know how to read).  I know there’s a newer article from this year which includes guidelines and screenings for people with Cowden’s Syndrome.  The new cancer risks, etc.  I’m going to see if I can find it to post here.  I know I talk a lot about CS and I have the page up top, but many of you don’t know what I get to take part in for the rest of my life.

(Which brings me to a small review about my follow-up with the GI doctor.)

I didn’t care for his bedside manner, and he wasn’t the one who did the procedure, but that’s no matter.  He said my polyps were “hamartomorus” and tomorrow I’ll detail more of the report.  This doctor and his team recommend my next colonoscopy to be in 2 years which is a heck of a lot better than 6 months time.  FOR REALS.

But I’ll talk more about this procedure and what they found and all that jazz.

Right now I just found a link about Vitamin E (from the Cleveland Clinic) and I’m going to post it in my Cowden’s Syndrome page.

Good night!



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