Sometimes garbage just happens

I took this photo tonight on my evening walk.


You get diagnosed with a brain tumor and you must have brain surgery.

And then you must have another one a week later.

Then you find out you have a second brain tumor in a different place in your cerebellum.

THEN you find out you have a rare disease called Cowden’s Syndrome that affects about 1/200,000 people.

But after that…good things start to happen.

Even though you end up resigning from your very well-paying job (because after you come back from medical leave they are out for your blood)

You decide to start volunteering. In your nephew’s class at his school and working with an adult who wants to learn English.

And then you volunteer in another area (animal shelter ~ cats mainly) which you never imagined you’d have the strength to do!

You start connecting with people who are strong and powerful and who are incredible examples of what you want your “new normal” to be moving forward.

You find that amidst utter fear and panic there can also be comfort and joy.  Without knowing the bitter you can’t appreciate the sweet.

The thing that matters most after getting garbage hurled at you from every direction is how you dust off, shower up, do your hair or make-up, and get going.

This understanding didn’t happen overnight and doesn’t stay with me every day. It comes and goes. But I’m trying. I’m getting it.

Sort of.



3 thoughts on “Sometimes garbage just happens

  1. Good for you! We can not control what happens to us but we can control how we deal with them.

    • I’m not the best at this, by any means. But these thoughts have been going around in my mind for the last few days. I thought it was time to put it in writing. PS, thank you. 🙂

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