Out of the mouth of babes (Photo of the day 10/24/12)

On my 2nd walk today (!) I came across these 3 “tweens” on roller blades. They skated near me and the blonde one called out “Hello!” to me. I responded back with the same. 🙂

Girl 2: “Jane* do you know her?”

Jane: “No, but it’s nice to say hello to people.”

Now I don’t know if this next quote was Girl 2 or 3, but I thought I heard, “She looks old.”


That’s why I’m walking Ladies!

About 30 seconds later Jane comes skating by me on the sidewalk. Didn’t say excuse me. Nothing. So I got out of her way and the next girl behind me said, “I’m waiting for my friend.”

Next lines I hear, “Jane while it’s nice to say hi to people it’s not nice to almost run them over.”

And there you go.

*Not her real name.

[NOTE: I have lots more to write about of what’s going on in my life.

Found these lovelies (and edited them) yesterday on my walk.

But I really want to include some optimistic posts in here. So here’s a go.]


3 thoughts on “Out of the mouth of babes (Photo of the day 10/24/12)

  1. Hey Heather, guess what? I got another new calling today. I am now the new Elder’s Quorum 2nd councilor. Keep this up and in about two years I’ll be a Bishop….just kidding.

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