NaBloPoMo 18: CALL TO ACTION – Don’t Let Pink Become the New Black

This just needs to be reblogged…PERIOD. If you feel as sick as I do about this – please do what you feel is best.


from ConnectingDirectors.comStunned.
Just when we finish with October, just when I think we really can’t sink any lower that the 5-Hour Energy Pink Lemonade girl…I spy THIS on AnneMarie’s Blog. And yes, it’s real. American Funeral Directors have a new pink product line: The Pink Blazer. Yes, seriously.
Because I sure that when I’m dead, my family and loved ones will need a reminder. What’s the chance that they will have missed the message. Newsflash: when we die of breast cancer, we’ve made the ultimate sacrifice to the disease – I think we can skip the $23.40 donation that will be made when they purchase the nearly $200 jacket.
Oh, but points for telling us how much they’re donating. I suppose that’s something.
Think about this…a new trend. We could all return to our maker in blazers that reflect the circumstances of our deaths. Might make things…

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3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 18: CALL TO ACTION – Don’t Let Pink Become the New Black

  1. At first I only looked at the photo and thought it was models for a new tuxedo line until I read it was a new look for funeral directors. On one side one can say that they are bringing awareness to cancer, but I agree, it is really tasteless to wear pink when the person they are burying has died from cancer. The family and friends really don’t need a reminder. It’s almost like saying “That’s how we make the big bucks”.

  2. For real, I told my husband, if I die and you let the funeral people wear pink jackets, I will come back and haunt your ass. Who thinks of this? I don’t’ find it comforting at all. Somebody somewhere must though I guess?

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