Of kittens and knees


All weekend I’ve wanted to write. But I had an event that came up that caught some of my attention.

Nephew #1 and I saw her last week. She’s been surviving somehow in some orchards near my house. These same orchards where the coyotes live. We got cat food and came back to try to trap her. Which meant – me trying to catch by hand a wild, petrified kitten.

It didn’t work. I didn’t get a good hold of her and she scratched the crap out of my neck and ran away.

I was devastated. I almost had her, wanted to protect her and help her, and I couldn’t do it.

I’d gone back in the meantime and she was no where. No where to be found. I was so sad.

Plus it’s been raining here!

Cut to Friday night. Nephew #2 and I go for a walk. We look all over for her and she’s no where. I’m convinced the coyotes have gotten her. 😦

I don’t mention that to my nephew but we start walking and then across the busy street there she is! Running under a parked car!

He wants to stay there to keep an eye on her while I go home to get food for her (hah). I convince him we have to go home to get food for her. I wasn’t sure how feral she was and I told him that he needed to be prepared that she might not be under the car still when we got back.

Much to our happiness, she was still there. So, he and I are on our hands and knees in this driveway, trying to coax her out. (NOTE: I did go to the door and check to make sure she wasn’t theirs. And she wasn’t. Plus, another woman told me the day with Nephew #1 that she’d seen this kitten running around. Why the crap didn’t any of these people call animal control?!) – but it’s no matter because she’s safe now. But back to my story:

I take a handful of food and toss it under the car to see if she’d come out. She inches out and inhales the food, the crowds right back under the car (understandable). We probably did that 1 or 2 more times then Nephew #2 says something like, “I have an idea!” – and he lines up some cat food in row from the bowl to where she is under the car.

She inches her way out and comes to the bowl and starts to scarf it down. In my mind, I’m thinking, “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. It’s now or never. I have to get her. I have to get her!” – and after I petted her a few times I just took a shot and grabbed her by the back of her neck. She went limp and we had magic! I had her!

I put her in the kitty carrier and we couldn’t believe it!

Nephew #2 was just beside himself he was so happy. He told me, “Next time you need to catch a kitten, just bring me along!”

(The reason why I include my knees in the title is they are so torn up! From being on them in the driveway to being on them to feed her and pet her in the bathroom where we have her…my poor knee caps are angry!) BUT…this face makes it all worthwhile!

PS, she’s not feral. She hasn’t scratched any of us since that first night we got her home…and she purrs SO loudly! I know she’s so thankful to be out of the rain and wild!




4 thoughts on “Of kittens and knees

    • We’re not keeping her actually….my 2 cats wouldn’t be happy about that. 🙂

      Right now, since she’s being held here until my friend can get her place situated – Mom and I are calling her, “Little Girl”.

      But my friend who’s taking her is calling her “Sharkette”, because Nephew #2 (who finalized the catch with her) loves sharks! 🙂

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