2011 to 2012


Yesterday I was on a mission to get a dated Christmas ornament. It dawned on me that in my eventful year that was 2011, all that was on my agenda was healing and recovering; I didn’t really focus on decorating for Christmas. (Although Mom usually takes care of that anyway.)

But for some reason, 2012 was really on my mind. Coming to a close and all of that. And then it hit me. How remarkable 2011 was for me. The brain tumor diagnosis. The diagnosis of Cowden’s Syndrome. The fact that I know about these 2 conditions now, because imagine if I didn’t know of either? I wouldn’t be getting screened to check the health of my Dairy Queens and my kidneys, etc. So, while 2011 was hell…it also held some positiveness to it. (Is that a word?)

PS, I guess counseling is really helping me too; for the fact that I can see any positive effects from the latter part of 2011. πŸ™‚

I hoped that 2012 would be the year without surgery. I mentioned that to mom earlier today and I said it looked like I had made it, or something like that. She reminded me that 2012 isn’t over yet! HAH!

But I have tried to convince myself all weekend that if there were something of concern on my MRI report the oncologist’s office would have called yesterday. Right?!

2011 held things for me that I never imagined. And while I’d never wish that experience on my worst enemy, I’m so thankful it’s over and I guess there was some purpose in it. I’m thankful that I’m not having a craniectomy tomorrow (for the longest time I thought I had a craniotomy. Read here if you’re not sure the diff), and that’s usually one of the prayers I keep in my heart most often during the day.

I can’t exactly name the purpose now, but I know as I get older (I hope) it will come to me.

You know, it used to be that I just wrote for the sake of writing. I posted whatever needed to come out – and I didn’t really go back and edit, or even proofread, for heaven’s sake. But NOW….I feel this need to write, then wait. Maybe sit on something for a while and then go back and have a look at it after a few hours. HAH. I find that so funny.

I also find it funny that I’ve been nominated for 2 blog awards! Can you believe that? I’m so excited and touched and yet I’ve made 0 time to sit down and respond. I’m sorry I’m behind!

So I’d like to thank The Bottom of a Bottle and Lethargic Smiles for the honor and know that I haven’t forgotten! The posts are in my drafts folder getting ready to go. πŸ™‚


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