I don’t feel right

My head feels odd.

I haven’t felt this sensation in as long as I can remember.

The top of my head feels a sense of pressure and tingling.

I feel a nagging nauseous feeling.

My vision is OK.  No spots or visual disturbances like last year (before I knew about the brain tumor).

But I need to take a moment to pause. And breathe.

I’m deeply concerned about a CSF leak.

I’ve read they can happen.

I know it’s been a year and a half since the crainectomy (2).  But they still can occur.

I told mom tonight that another CSF doesn’t get to happen to me, because I’ve already had 2 brain surgeries.  So, I’m done with brain issues.  Really.

Yet I’ve felt weird for the last week or so.

When I lay down (at night) I feel dizzy.  But then it seems to go away.

I’m right in the trenches of some ugly anxiety I tell you.

I went out to walk this evening, got a good 30 minutes in.

It helped then.

Right now is a different story.

I posted about some hope earlier; I need some of my own now.


10 thoughts on “I don’t feel right

    • Thank you for connecting. I’m following your blog now. I had my first craniectomy 4 days after yours 7/27/11, and the 2nd one a week later. What type is your tumor?

  1. How are you feeling this morning? Is there a call in to the doctor? You are in my thoughts!

    • I feel about the same. No vision problems so that’s my saving grace. I’m not vomiting thankfully. First thing tomorrow I’m calling the neuro clinic to talk to the nurse. Thank you.

  2. I checked it the last 2 days. Last night it was mildly high but that might just be because it’s not the best cuff nor machine. 147/80 something, and today it was 138 over 80 something. Thanks.

    • I didn’t make it to the doctor but I called my NS – and thankfully (!) the headache broke the next day. 🙂 I had been weaning off some of the medication and you can SURE AS HECK BET I went back to the FULL AND CORRECT dose the next day. I see the neurologist end of Feb. and I’ll be sure to let him know what happened (the headache, what I was doing with the dosing, etc.) Thank you doll!

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