This is beautiful and so well written that I needed to share it.  Since last summer there’s been such a shift with people in my life – that I almost fell off my chair as I read this.  But time really does heal wounds (physical too!) and I’m thankful for perspective.

I wish I could have written it – because I echo every sentence here.  Really.




  1. Thanks….. we all learn the same lessons but through different circumstances. I am learning to loosen my grip on those i love and want near. By trusting God to put the people He wants in my life for the measure of time He has appointed it won’t hurt as much when they depart.

    • Trusting God – I thought I trusted Him, but I’m quickly realizing that I DID NOT…and NOW is the time for me to really really really LEARN and come to know to trust Him. Figure out HOW to trust Him. People are coming in and out of my life so quickly recently and I think the more it happens as of late the easier it is for me, actually. God is putting some object lessons in play as I write this! TRUST HIM I do!

      Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

      • I guess people’s true colors show forth when we have a huge trial. At least that’s what I’m finding. But oh well! I don’t need nor want those people in my life! We need cheerleaders in our lives not Debbie Downers! NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHT to judge us. And those that do …. are out.

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