Random acts of kindness


What beautiful flowers! (Yes – that’s my white tinsel tree from Target next to them, and who’s sitting with Santa in that blurry photo?) 🙂

An out-of-town friend came by my house last night and surprised me with these! Aren’t they gorgeous?

I was so touched by this kind gesture.

I hope that as 2013 begins we are all motivated to do little random acts of kindness for others. It can be as small as wishing someone a good day, listening to someone if they need to vent (NOTE:  I said listening…sometimes, all that’s needed is just for someone to be heard), paying someone a compliment, even smiling at someone!  At church this morning I complimented Sister L on her hair and how nice it looked.  (Sister L has known me since birth – and she’s one of the kindest women in the world.  She’s a widow and one of the old-timers [been in the ward for a long time].  I love her so much and just seeing her brings a smile to my face.  Literally.  I gave her this compliment from the bottom of my heart ~ in retrospect, not because of the gift of the flowers.  Just because I wanted to.  And I imagine that’s why my friend did this!  No thought of anything in return.  Just because!)

(SECOND NOTE:  Do semi colons belong in that above paragraph instead of commas?  Urg.  I can’t stand English grammar sometimes!)

I know that I will do all I can to pay this forward – especially since so much good will was paid towards me last summer (and continues to this day).  

As I say on Twitter, “Miracles are everywhere! Look for yours.”

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