Ladies First

As I left class yesterday a student told me, “Ladies first.”

Whoa.  Hold the phone.  Let me tell you how much this comment impressed me!

For the next bit I’m working a (kind of) long-term subbing job at a local high school.  I’ve worked at this school for a quite a while and even did my student teaching here a few years ago.

English: Group photograph of teacher and stude...

English: Group photograph of teacher and students of Ipswich Central State School, 1889 Unidentified group of student and teacher have their photo taken against the wall of the school building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This gig is such a blessing and I’m so thankful for it.  I’m really feeling like a teacher and it’s great!  I run around all day, work my prep period [which I don’t get paid for BTW as a substitute teacher], I’m collaborating with others who are my colleagues as such, and having to work things out on my own.  Dang!  Look at me go!  🙂  The last few days I’ve come home from work – checked my emails – worked out – then eaten dinner – maybe folded some laundry or something like that and then fallen into bed by 9:30. HAH.It looks like finals are coming up quick and I’m scrambling to put things together.  Luckily I can email the classroom teacher to find out what she would like me to do…but, I’m mildly in panic mode because the “OLD HEATHER” wants to know now yesterday what she wants to do with finals.  I emailed her ~ she hasn’t written me back yet.But what I’m working on doing today is letting the “NEW HEATHER” just “be”.  I just have today anyway, right?  Meaning, that’s all anyone really has.  So, I’m planning for the week really (and kind of next week), and I have to know the teacher will contact me at her earliest convenience RE her finals for her students.  IF NOT…


I have the Department Chair I can contact to get some feedback….but I can always do that next week. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ladies First

  1. So happy you are enjoying your work, Heather! What a blessing. And growing so much. Noticing old habits, implementing new thought patterns and taking action is fabulous! Sounds like you have started out 2013 very well! Good job on exercising consistently too…..this is all healing for the soul and the physiological self. Keep it up! xo

  2. The blessing of meaningful occupation! Glad you are enjoying not only the work, but also the “just be” in “only today anyway” part of it! Take the moments wholeheartedly and don’t let your head run too far into the tomorrows.

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