Well, I didn’t go to school to become a geneticist (which in hindsight is a bummer)…HAH.

Tonight I’m posting that I updated my page “Click here to read about Cowden’s Syndrome with an article link I found on the L.A. Times a few months ago.  I haven’t seen my oncologist for a few months due to the schedule at the clinic (and mine) but I’m preparing some of my things to take to her for her review and for us to discuss.  It may not apply to me but since I have a PTEN mutation – my ears always rise up when I read anything PTEN-related.

(The last few weeks I’m experiencing more Dairy Queen related issues.  I’m not sure if they are “issues” or “symptoms” or exactly what they are.  I’m not in pain – so that’s what I’m focusing on.  I almost sat down and asked my acquaintance “The Internet” but used my better judgement and didn’t do that tonight.)  The article doesn’t reference my symptoms it’s just anything Dairy Queen related catches my attention, with the 85% breast cancer risk and all – I have to be on guard.

See here, or on the page.



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