Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go

I lost a very dear friend yesterday. He had terminal cancer and I only found out Sunday morning before I was supposed to go to church. This past Sunday was my day to teach Relief Society in the Lorenzo Snow Manual.

Relief Society

Relief Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I wasn’t as ready as I could have been but I tried. But when I got the message about A I felt this intense urgency. This huge impression that I needed to drop everything and get to the hospital to see him. But I felt so conflicted with my calling! What was I supposed to do?!

I called a mutual friend and talked with him. E had seen him in the hospital the night before. He told me it was very serious and I needed to do what I felt impressed to do. E also told me, “Heather. Prepare yourself.”

Oh crap.

I called a few people at church but just ended up driving up there and told Sister C what was going on. She told me to do what I needed to do.

Driving to the hospital I was struggling with tears, but then I also felt peaceful. I felt this, “Hurry hurry” feeling….but I just knew it’d be OK as soon as I got to the hospital.

When I walked into Room 614 (617?) and saw him in his bed, I walked up to him and took a chair. I said hello (another person from church was in the room too) and waited a moment while they were visiting. The first thing I remember A telling me is, “The Lord’s taking me.”

So matter of fact. And A wasn’t crying, or showing any fear. Just speaking about what he’d learned in his life and what was important to him from the church and the Lord. He gave me some good counsel and while it’s personal I’ll share only one thing here.

He told me, “Heather. Do not settle.”

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go

  1. My heart oges out to you. There are moments in our lives when we know in faith and love and hope that even though painful, that these moments come in our lives and are ones of beauty.

  2. I am so sorry for you losing A and we can never really prepare ourselves for such a lost. I am so glad you got to be there talk to him and recieve his message.
    The most important thing is A was ready and know the Lord was coming to take him home. He know he would be healthy again his body made whole. No more tears, sorrow or pain and he would be reunited with love ones so I am sure in his mind this was all a relief after his suffering here.
    Listen closely to his message it is a good one Heather..Don’t settle!
    We should all keep climbing those mountains those that seem impossible.
    Live each day to the fullest and Love with all our Hearts and Laugh when we can.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
    Hugs and Caring,

  3. wow. just wow. sorry to hear about this. the do not settle is brilliant though. I mean wow.

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