Don’t talk about my boobs unless you’ve walked in my shoes

Don’t talk about my boobs unless you’ve walked in my shoes.


As most of you know I’m struggling with the decision about when/if having a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.  It’s especially on my mind since last June when I had the suspicious mammogram and all the drama that ensued and then getting diagnosed with “dilated ducts” (which is supposedly normal but still has never sat right with me).

The above post was written by one of my first Cowden’s Syndrome contacts – and while she doesn’t have Lhermitte-duclos disease – she has had the hysterectomy and PBM, both surgeries right on the horizon for me.

She’s a fantastic writer and leaves it all on the table with Cowden’s Syndrome.  In the past when I’ve had a particularly rough day enduring my CS road – usually she’ll comment and say just what I need to hear.

Her post above is outstanding.  I’m not sure what your feelings are about women and prophylactic bilateral mastecomies…and to be honest, I’m not even sure today what MY feelings are for my decision.  I just know that this needs to be said.  Today.

2 thoughts on “Don’t talk about my boobs unless you’ve walked in my shoes

  1. Thanks for including her post in your blog! I highly recommend doing what your body tells you and listening to your intuition. After 11 years, I still think that my decision to take one breast prophylactically when I had the other removed due to ‘dirty margins’ after a lumpectomy was the best decision I ever made! I also had my ovaries removed as well at 35 and I’ve been healthy and happy for years. Hugs to you! xo

  2. What a thoughtful post. Heather, you amaze me with your ability to encourage the rest of us as you are making such big decisions.

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