Titan and his "sister" Asia

“Sister” Asia and Titan

I’m so thankful for my family. I’m so grateful that I am close to them and around when I’m needed. We just got home from putting Titan to sleep – he was very sick. He was a 12-year-old chocolate lab that my brother and his wife have had since he was a puppy, with his papers and everything. I think I heard my mom say last night that his name is, “King Titan”.

This came on like gang-busters. All of a sudden. He was fine and lunch time yesterday – then things went down hill FAST.

He had cancer of his blood vessels and by the time we knew about it – there were spots on his spleen and liver.

We all got to say our goodbyes in a nice room the medical group has set up for just this type of thing. Dog pillows, chairs for the humans, etc.

My nephews weren’t on board for this at all, obviously. They are 7 and 5 so they have only known Titan…that was super hard for me to see them crying and so upset.  Witnessing that broke my heart as much as saying goodbye to Titan.  I want to write more about him, the connection he had with my brother, how much he loved and protected his home, what an incredible dog he IS…but it’s so raw right now.

King Titan

King Titan


6 thoughts on “Titan

  1. Titan is now at rainbow bridge waiting patiently for his master to one day arrive in the distant future to be reunited again. His picture looks just like my chocolate lab we had that has been at rainbow bridge since oct 26 2010. I am sure he is happy running and playing with all of the others who made it to the bridge before him. RIP Titan.

  2. My brother was broken-hearted when he lost his first dog, not that he would say much. We didn’t even have dogs growing up, and the three other siblings have never had dogs. But my one brother has a connection with dogs. We all know it, we all know they will break his heart, but while he has them, it’s amazing. In this case, I definitely feel, “it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”. They are our companions; through thick and thin. So sad to lose a friend.

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