How do you distract yourself when something is weighing on your mind?

Tomorrow I see the OB-GYN to get the results of my endometrial biopsy from a few weeks ago.  Now, as he and I discussed during the last appointment, he’d call me if there were any issues.  I didn’t hear from him – so I need to trust that all will be OK when I go to the appointment tomorrow afternoon.  Right?!


Trusting the Lord and His outcomes is one thing…

Trusting the hospital and medical offices for follow through is entirely another story.

So, as a way to keep my mind occupied I’m going to write about a few of the funny things I heard today in Nephew #2’s Kinder class.  I put on Facebook tonight that I want to create a hashtag on Twitter…#ohik (overheard in kinder).

  • “Why is Ms. here?” (That’s always fun to hear – no matter what classroom you are in!)
  • “Are you Nephew #2’s Grandma?” (Ummmmmm….WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!)
  • “This looks kinda creepy.” (Some of the students had an Art Center…they were cutting out big, red hearts and gluing on arms and legs.)

There you have it.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Distraction

  1. Very cute, Heather…….your kindergarten stories are a valuable distraction. I journal like you, but I also chant/pray, meditate, say my affirmations and the serenity prayer. Give it all up to God and Universe. We don’t have any control over it so no use worrying with negativity. I just keep telling myself how strong, healthy, disciplined and happy I am. I know if I tell myself it’s true enough it IS REALITY! Sometimes you just have to lie a little until it’s reality….<3

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