Tomorrow I’m going to see a man about my brain

That’s super weird to write. But what’s even weirder to write is that Thursday I see a woman about my Dairy Queens.


This appointment should go smoothly and I’m not anticipating any extra anxiety for me. (But imagine going to talk to a doctor about your brain…then do the math.) I didn’t have an MRI before this appointment so I won’t actually find out if the brain tumors are stable. But…for sake of argument, let’s just all say a prayer and know that the tumors are stable and there’s no new growth. How does that sound? Sound like a good game plan to you?

I have some questions about my skull and why I can’t move my head very far back, and my Mom has a question about the titanium plate/mesh that’s in my head. She and I were discussing this as I was making myself dinner and I told her we needed to stop our dinner conversation ASAP, lest we have a problem.

This week is going to have some, “Oh yeah. I have a rare disease called Cowden’s Syndrome. Crap.” days. Good thing I have some things to fall back on to remind me that I’m not alone; that I am healing; that I am in control of my life and I can tell Cowden’s to eff off when it rears its ugly head.


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’m going to see a man about my brain

  1. Good luck with the doctors, Heather! I know what you mean about the conversations , “I have a rare disease…” We should be able to tell them all ahead of time – “Cowden’s – read up on it & be ready for my appointment.” But, end of rant, good luck & let us know how your appointments go!

    • Actually…nothing! I waited over an hour after my appointment time and then the back office ended up rescheduling me until the end of March. Evidently there were several emergency patients that came in…

      At first I was frustrated leaving there -but then I changed my attitude to one of gratitude that I was NOT that emergency patient (you see…July of 2011 I WAS that emergency patient that went to the front of the line.)

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