It’s good to be so busy that you don’t have time to think about brain tumors

Except when you go to the neurologist office for a check up – and you have to think about them.

I saw Dr. D yesterday – he commented that it had been more than 6 months since he’d seen me. I’m not sure why or what happened – but I think it was because of my subbing job in January that caused me to push back this appointment. He asked when my next MRI is with Dr. H (the neurosurgeon), had me do all the “close your eyes and touch your nose, walk across the room with one foot in front of the room to check your balance, push against my hands, etc.” stuff. Those tests always make me nervous, because I never do well with the one where my I close my eyes and I have to touch my nose with my left hand. I think the brain tumor (the large one) caused the left side of my body to be weaker than the right. I remember Dr. K doing those same types of tests with me before the craniectomy and doing that test was SUPER hard then. I think I showed some progress yesterday. Dr. D said I was doing very well, as “having brain surgery is really hard.”

Yep. You are right on Dr. D.

I don’t want to take Topamax and Gabapentin forever. I guess I’m feeling differently about this since I’ve started to train and go to the gym, but I just don’t. I just don’t want take the stuff any longer than I need to. But if my head starts to freak out and I get a bunch of severe headaches – then I won’t have the option of weaning off them. My brain will dictate otherwise. He explained more to me about the benefits of both medications (and I’m only concerned of the negatives, obvi). He said that Topamax is an appetite suppressant (which I’ve never experienced ~ why didn’t my body get the memo on that?!) and that Gabapentin can help my moods stabilize (in addition to their anti-headache properties, of course). We agreed (YAY!) that I can take 50 mgs. of Topamax at night (down from 100) and decrease the Gabapentin to 600 during the day (down from 900). Let’s see how that goes. I’m encouraged because I feel like I’m making progress towards another one of my goals: to one day be off both those medications.

Now on to another story: The Gym.

My 2 new best friends!

My 2 new best friends!

I have worked with a personal trainer for the last 5 weeks or so. Can you believe that?! I love it. I. LOVE. IT. Except – don’t ask me how much I love it when I’m there working out with her. 🙂 Ask me when I get home – so I can tell you all the exercises I’m doing!

I'm working on increasing my calorie burn!

I’m working on increasing my calorie burn!

Next week I’ll be reaching the big 4-1 (GAH!) – and this was just a decision that was long overdue. I have tons of DVD’s that I use at my home and I love them, but it wasn’t getting the job done. There’s something to be said for having someone there to help you with correct form and to answer your questions. AND, there’s something to be said for getting on the treadmill and walking at a 4.0 incline for 4o minutes too! :)PS, Today is Thursday so this post is in honor of/and to support #braintumorthursday.


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