Trying another new thing


Blessings (Photo credit: earthquakefish (david))

Tonight my trainer suggested I begin an Affirmation Journal.  Each night for 2 weeks write down 5 affirmations.  (The last few sessions I’ve felt very emotional.  Really being present with the knowledge that I am a brain tumor champion and yet I am working out with a personal trainer; I’m the “Big Girl” at the gym and wondering if everyone is staring at me [NOTE:  I know people are NOT staring at me at all – yet I still struggle with the feeling from time to time], etc.)

I told her I have a blog and maybe I can try her idea here.  I know my counselor has mentioned before the specific act of writing to paper, but I’m still going to start it here.  After all, this is my health blog and I want to develop the sides of me that are not brain tumor and rare disease related.

  1. I had an amazing work out tonight.
  2. I enjoyed a great lunch with my mom and a good friend this afternoon.
  3. My nephews are my blessings and bring so much joy to my life.  (Nephew #2 got a home run at his game tonight!)
  4. I am a strong and capable woman.
  5. Today, I have shelter, food, and family.  I have enough for my needs.

Tomorrow evening, I plan to do this same thing again.  Some affirmations might be the same – some new ones might be added.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Trying another new thing

    • I’m going to see how it goes…I do something similar to this as I have a tin where I place in it “good things that happen to me”…like if a good thing happens when I’m subbing, or spending an evening with my family. But I’m open to this way too…so we’ll see! 🙂

  1. hey heather…….i love today’s blog topic! and by the way, happy belated bday! i’m sorry i missed it. i use louise hay’s morning & evening meditations app for most of my affirmations. some of my favorites are:

    i approve of myself (i sometimes say this 200-300 times a day when possible and needed)
    i am perfect
    i am whole
    i am strong
    i am powerful
    i am loving
    i am happy
    i am harmonious

    I feel free and light
    my mind feels free and light

    i am secure
    i am secure and powerful

    i now choose to use my power
    i choose; (say with each phrase or word below)
    to select my thoughts, joy, laughter, enthusiasm, self-esteem, understanding, compassion, gentleness, kindness, friendliness, love
    i know i am worthwhile, i am worth liking, i am worth loving, i approve of myself
    i choose; (say with each phrase or word below)
    health, prosperity, opportunity, fulfillment and satisfaction, success, enlightenment, forgiveness
    to release all barriers to love
    to let love flow through every area of my life
    and in all my relationships from the most casual and fleeting to the most intimate and lasting
    harmony and loving communication wherever i am, to see good and worth in everyone

    congrats on meeting your workout goals….good for you!

  2. Soon you will be super-buff, and be able to use the combination of your warm fuzzy skills and buff skills to save the world.
    Affirmations and gratitude always make the day better.

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