There’s nothing quite like…

Lobes of the brain, color-coded.

Lobes of the brain, color-coded. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sitting in an exam room, alone, looking at a scan of your brain.

There’s just not.

But I could try to put it into words.

I could make the attempt to write what it feels like, deep in my soul, to see pictures of my brain on a computer screen.  And then seeing in my cerebellum a small spot and a large spot that I know shouldn’t be there.

As I read on another blog, I too own space on the Internet where’s it’s OK for me to write about my fears and the uncertainty that Lhermitte-duclos disease brings.





Please.  Before you judge me and the road I’m walking on, think.  I’m doing the best I can with what I have.






UPDATE FROM THIS MORNING:  The brain tumors are stable!


8 thoughts on “There’s nothing quite like…

  1. That’s what we want to hear – they are stable! Like stable relationships, stable ships and the safety of a stable market, may these uninvited intruders be at worst be stable!! Great news Heather!!

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