Here’s to 7 hours I won’t see again


My feet were so cold!

I just spent the last 7 hours in the ER. Something is wrong and I needed to get it checked out. Without getting into too much detail on my iPod, I have to see an endocrinologist ASAP. Thankfully I caught this in time but there’s no extra time to mess around. Not at all. I don’t think it’s Cowden’s Syndrome related but it seems to be related to the brain tumor, from what I can tell.

And I don’t have an endo now! Aaack! Dr F if you read this (OF COURSE) something changes once you leave. I miss you! I wish you could help me with this. :(. The ER doctor thinks its diabetes insipidus. Not the sugar one. Did you even know there WAS another one?

I’m not going to search about it tonight. I’m going to try to sleep although it’s going to be a rough night.


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