If you’ve been to the ER this week raise your hand

[Me too!]

But I’m so thankful to say things seem to have settled down this morning!

I spent another 6 hours in the ER yesterday. The frequent urination had gotten even worse. And I was getting chest pains on top of everything else. Go figure.

Here’s what we do know: My heart, kidneys, blood sugar [99!], sodium look good. If I already had diabetes insipidus my sodium would be raised, as per the ER doctor yesterday.

Here’s what we do not know: What was/is causing the frequent urination. As I said – things seem to have greatly settled down this morning. I have stopped 1 medication [Celexa] even though I have been on it before. About 6 weeks ago I started to wean myself off of it. Since I have started to exercise regularly and change my diet I wanted to see if I didn’t need the Celexa [that was my hope at least].

But a few weeks ago I started to notice I was struggling with some anxiety again and my doctor and I agreed I’d start it up again. So last week was when I started the medication again, probably on Friday or Saturday. Sunday is when the problem started….wonder if it could be related?  And here’s the kicker – I don’t think this is Cowden’s Syndrome related…but I’m not convinced that the gangliocytoma isn’t involved somehow…


If you were as hungry as I was – you will make this work. Trust me.


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