“But you can’t live like that.”

My mom’s quote – very wise woman.

It dawned on me today that Cowden’s Syndrome makes me fearful of making commitments. Or certain plans.

I have a long-term subbing job position (opportunity). I was offered the assignment it a few days before my ER visits of earlier this week.

I have fought some anxiety with how in the crap I am to do both: work (my life) and Cowden’s Syndrome.

I met my new endocrinologist today. (Dr. F is you see this…oh man. I miss you so much now!) – and I really do like Dr. S. He was funny and spent a lot of time with me. He went through (as thoroughly as he could) about ADH hormones and elevated/low levels and what they mean, and the possible Celexa connection. He’s starting tests, blood draws, and oh the best one. 24-hour urine collection.


Diabetes insipidus is an autoimmune syndrome, evidently. I remember reading once somewhere that if you have one autoimmune condition you are more likely to get more.


I called Mom after the appointment and said to her that Cowden’s Syndrome is a b*tch because it makes me feel like I can’t do anything. I’m scared to do ANYTHING because of doctors, appointments, etc. getting in the way.

Then she told me the above quote.

I thought about it afterwards that I just will do this job until I can’t anymore. Whenever that is. But my health has to be top priority and while I am committing to this position to the best of my ability, I only have today.

We all have only today.



3 thoughts on ““But you can’t live like that.”

  1. You do have a wise mother. This week I have have heard that three times from three different people. You only have today. I think.I need to learn that to. Thanks

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