It’s really all about the math

This is my token whiny post.

I’m tired, scared, lonely, overwhelmed, petrified. I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.

I met with the new endocrinologist last week, he sent lab work, the 24 hour urine collection (which, I had to do on Saturday AND Sunday because Lab Girl didn’t tell me Friday the specimen had to be refrigerated!)…

Saturday I had a urine output of 4.4 liters. I wonder if there’s still blood in it? I’m sad that I forgot to ask/mention that to the endo last week.


5.8 liters.

So your next question I bet is, “How much does a regular person output in a day?” (Love my technical lingo?)

2 liters.

So it’s all about the math, really.

Tonight I’m feeling sad and scared. I just want my life back. The life I had before July 18, 2011.


4 thoughts on “It’s really all about the math

  1. You’re not regular! Regular people don’t DESERVE the wonderfulness you’ve got in store for the world!

    Just remember: doctors don’t know “health” so much as they know ‘medicine.’ Most health-problems can be fixed with changes in diet (& maybe some exercise).

    But you’ve probably looked through all of that research, right?

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