I need a break

Sometimes, it’s OK to sit down and say, “I need a break.”

A break from Cowden’s Syndrome.

A break from Lhermitte-duclos disease.

A break from medical stuff.

So, today, what did I do for my break?

I met a coworker at lunch for sushi (I love Snow Rolls and my new favorite is a Hot Roll) and enjoyed a much-needed Diet Coke.

I will update soon about the Diabetes Insipidus; I received a status update today from Dr. S.









*NOTE:  Dr. F – if you read this:  I sure miss you!  I wish you were here to help me with this.  


5 thoughts on “I need a break

    • It’s really yummy – do you like seafood? There are many different types of sushi; I stay with the rolls which are rice and other types of COOKED fish, seafood. I don’t eat anything raw. 🙂

      • my boyfriend is japanese, so he taught me how! making sushi requires a lot of prep work, but isn’t hard to actually do. of course, my rolls don’t come out as pretty as the boyfriends’ 🙂

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