“Kids say the darndest things”

(Mom just said that to me so I decided to use that as my post title.)

When my schedule permits I go to my nephew’s Kinder class to volunteer.

It’s the best.


Besides all the “Kinder Love” they give to me – I hear the greatest things in this class.

Get ready to chuckle…

(As a student ran back in from recess with something obviously URGENT on her mind), “I FORGOT MY HOT CHEETOS!”

(During free choice), “But first you have to cry, and that’s how we know.”

(I was doing some one-on-one work with each student reviewing plane and geometric shape patterns.  When I asked a student what one shape was…) “A cube.  A big, giant, cube.”  For the record, none of these shapes were giant!  But then again, maybe when you’re in Kindergarten a lot of things are giant to you? 🙂

I don’t think I can accurately express how much I enjoy going to my nephew’s class.  Besides any other time I get to spend with Nephew #2, these kids in his class are great.  I mean, really, really, great.  For a few hours on Friday I was able to forget about breast cancer risks and whether or not the brain tumors are stable.  Great way to spend my Friday morning.  I highly recommend it to all!


4 thoughts on ““Kids say the darndest things”

  1. Heather, I can so relate. I teach 1st & 2nd Grade Sunday School at our church. The children always lift me out of my worries and sorrows. Hugs to you and thanks for writing your blog!

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