Angelina on my mind

I have a lot to say about her decision.

And I have a lot to say about how HER choice affects my choice.

As I told someone today, “I’m very uncomfortable.”  And I was a bit so before this news came out.  [Ironically, last week my oncologist asked me where I was on the prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.  I told her I wasn’t “there” yet.]  Now?  I’m much more uncomfortable.

I want everyone to know that BRCA is not the only genetic mutation.

There are others.

I know, because I happen to have one.

It’s called the PTEN gene (Cowden’s Syndrome) and my lifetime breast cancer risk is 85%.

We deserve to have our voice heard, too.

I commend Angelina for this proactive choice.  And while I wish I could talk to her about her thoughts that led her to this point, I sure would LOVE to pick her brain about my situation.

To be continued…

7 thoughts on “Angelina on my mind

  1. I was thinking about you when I read this. I wish you could talk to others, even if not her, to get some insight and personal experience perspective. Stay strong.

    • Thank you so much! It actually does put pressure on me, to a point, in conjunction with my oncologist. This whole decision for me still needs a post, but as I told my primary – if I had family history of breast cancer – this decision would be almost “easier” for me. I have no family history. That doesn’t mean much, as in “these are my genes, not my family” as one of the surgeon’s told me. But, I need some of my doctors to treat me with kid gloves about this…and I feel they are trying to rush me. GRANTED, maybe they know something I don’t? I just can’t seem to breathe (the polyuria, I’m still reeling from the brain surgeries) and plus I need to have a hysterectomy too. UGH.

      • It’s good to listen to your doctors, it’s good to listen to your body, it’s good to listen to your heart. You’ll get to the decision in your own time. Trust that and take care of yourself right now. You’ll know when it’s time to decide.

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