New feature(s)

Here at hopeforheather there’s going to be a new section called “Photo of the day”.  I’m not quite sure yet how it’s going to come into play though.  One of the neat things about this blog is how things have evolved over time, I guess in the same vein as how I have evolved since my surgeries and diagnosis.

The way I think it’s going to work is that as often as I’m moved, I will post a picture and title, Photo of the day.  I think it’s going to be things that move me, things I’m grateful for, things I find beautiful, things I find enjoyment in, etc.

I have thought these last few weeks how I want to be more to my life than hospitals and medical appointments.  Sometimes, though, there just doesn’t seem to be!  Sure, I enjoy the occasional H.O.T. roll or salad from a local pizza place (which are 2 treats to me), the daily struggles of Cowden’s Syndrome and Lhermitte-duclos pull at me.  All. The. Time.

There are other things in my life that need to be developed (personal development, obvi) and why not write about those parts of me (my life) as well?  While dealing with 2 rare diseases on THEIR terms is rocky at best, there are other things in MY life that I need to write about, so to give them the respect they deserve as well.

I have a category on “Volunteering” – but haven’t written too often about that. 😦

I also have a “Church” category.  I think it’s about time to work on those sections and represent them!


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