Goal! (Photo of the day 6/3/13)


From this morning. With some bursts of jogging added in for fun…WHUT!


2 thoughts on “Goal! (Photo of the day 6/3/13)

  1. Hi Heather…thanks for commenting on my blog. So sweet. Love your blog and I need to not try and write so much. Sometimes it’s the only way to heal your mind-worries and get it all out. I didn’t think I was as worried and stressed as I was about a lot of things…yet I’ve been churning inside. Bree doesn’t have a shelter. Most can’t be built because of hard bedrock. Do you know what “fracking” an oil well is? The oil is under rock and you break the rock to get the oil. I think it’s mostly outlawed in a lot of places. Oil wells are everywhere near OkC. So if you don’t have a giant rock below the water level is sometimes less than a couple feet. The Church is where she goes with the Primary President.

    Heather my prayers are with you! Lots of love.

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