Spicy (Photo of the day 6/14/13)


Yep, that is the cayenne pepper you see!

For the last 10 days or so I have sucked these down like candy. (Hot water, lemon, honey or agave, and as much cayenne pepper as I can stand.) Really.

I don’t recall my immune system being SO much in the crapper as it has been as of late…I can’t really attribute this to the PTEN mutation. I just don’t think so. If anything, I think my weak pansy-like immune system could be because I have no thyroid and the way that started was an auto immune disorder. (The thyroid troubles began many moons before we had heard about PTEN or Cowden’s Syndrome anything, let alone brain tumors.)

I just began taking olive leaf extract and I sure hope that will help build my immunity to fight these viruses that seem to clobber me every so often. I am ready to get back to the land of the Living!


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