Where everybody knows your name

Yesterday I had one of my ever-famous brain scans, although this one was to check my pituitary and not my cerebellum***.  Still ruling out diabetes insipidus although the polyuria has all but vanished (kinda).  🙂  How’s that for a change-up?

Here’s just a few things I’ve learned about MRI’s since starting this brain tumor journey almost 2 years ago and I wanted to share them with ya’ll:

  • If you don’t have anything to take to relax you before going into the tube, try some NyQuilReally.  Normally I take Ativan but this go around I worried about this cough that has had me for the last 3 weeks.  So, NyQuil really seemed to make sense at least on the anti-coughing front.  MAN OH MAN!  Let me tell you – I was feeling A-OK when Technician N was getting me all prepped to go.  I knew I was #DrunkHeather** and it was awesome!  I didn’t care about going into the tube!  N remembered me from my other scans and he said, “Um, I seem to recall you’re claustrophobic Heather?” – and my response in the future will be, “NOT WITH MY FRIEND NYQUIL I’M NOT!”  N was laughing at me when I was trying to talk – and I was having such trouble with my words.  🙂  It was swell.  Anything that helps to take off my anxiety for anything brain (or pituitary, in this case) related I am ALL over it.
  • Wear some cute, funky, socks.  I like to keep my feet uncovered while I’m in the tube (to help ease the anxiety); since the technicians will be seeing your feet the entire time why not make sure they are looking good!
  • Make sure you have your wallet with you at all times, but especially when you’re checking in at the hospital for a procedure.  There’s nothing like FREAKING THE HECK OUT when you dig in your purse for your wallet AND CANNOT FIND IT!  Thankfully I was able to check in without having to show anything.  (NOTE:  You know you go to the hospital A LOT if you can check in to a department and the women up front know you by name!  That’s where my post title came into play.  And finally, Mom found my wallet in my room.  WHEW!)
  • Try not to “What if” too much.  (At least 5X during my earlier brain scans I thought, “I sure hope we don’t have an earthquake while I’m in here.  What if something happens and they can’t move me out of this?”) – that’s just crazy talk.  Don’t even go there.  But, if you are prone to struggling thoughts during the MRI?  Try the NyQuil.  REALLY.  I kid you not, I only had the “What if” thought once yesterday.  That’s improvement folks!

** For those of you that don’t know me, I don’t drink.  So, this hashtag is just a funny play on words.  🙂

*** Here’s a #braintumorthursday (Twitter) post too!


8 thoughts on “Where everybody knows your name

    • I actually prefer CT scans, although the radiation isn’t a plus. If I had the choice I’d take a CT but yet I know the MRI is “better” (my quotes). The NyQuil was a pleasant funny! It was only my go-to because of this virus that has been plaguing me for-EVER…and it ended up taking the edge off, even BETTER than Ativan. 🙂 Who knew. 🙂

  1. Hahaha, love your attitude! Last time I had my brain scanned I took all of my meds for pain and anxiety. All of them. A lot. I’m sure I wasn’t making any sense. To top it off the tech gave me headphones linked to XM radio. At some point I began to sing aloud and I was asked “to please stop moving your mouth and head or we have to start over.” I loved it. Normally the very thought of that tube thing & being stuck so still…and as you stated “the what-ifs” would drive me bananas. My mri turned out to be “normal,” whatever that means. Or as my grandpa would say, “it’s all there.” I was just releivrelieve d not to have early onset Parkinson’s or MS. Just same ol’ glorious eff-ing Fibro. Best of luck, my dear. 🙂

  2. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been in the dreaded tube. I usually wear my shoes while I’m in there, but the funky socks tip will be stellar next time I visit my OBGYN for my annual. (May as well rock my last bit of dignity whilst in the stirrups, no?)

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