I wonder…

  • what was going through my mind the evening of July 17, 2011?  Did I have any inkling about how dramatically my life would change the next day?
  • why some people think it’s OK to treat you badly and then tell you, “Just let it go”?  (Note:  Not happening!)
  • how these last 2 years of my life would have been without the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • what the next 2 years has in store for me?  Will I be able to power through it all?
  • if these brain tumors will grow?  How soon?
  • if I will influence someone, somewhere, sometime with goodness (as I hope to)?
  • will I be able to manage Cowden’s Syndrome via diet, exercise, supplements, or will I get cancer?
  • am I destined to get cancer because of the PTEN gene mutation?

Wonder… (Photo credit: VernsPics)

4 thoughts on “I wonder…

    • Thank you. I’m glad to have found your blog – as I have a friend who has severe allergies and I mentioned your blog to her. Maybe she’ll read your story and it might buoy her up. 🙂

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