So here’s the thing

The very first Dairy Queen logo from 1940–1960...

The very first Dairy Queen logo from 1940–1960, still in use at a small number of locations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Either there are a few things wrong RIGHT NOW, or there aren’t:


1. The Oncologist (Dr L) spent a bit more time (than I’d like) on my right Dairy Queen during my clinical breast exam. Turns our she felt a suspicious “something”.


2. Based on my pelvic ultrasound I had on Monday there’s cause for “further discussion” (I added quotes) based on a finding on my left ovary. Which is really odd because I have experienced LOTS OF PAIN on my right side (ovary-ish area).


So. As I started this post…either there’s something wrong up-top and/or down-below. Or there isn’t.


That’s all I got now.


I’m out.



7 thoughts on “So here’s the thing

  1. Ugh. How miserable. Can’t just be one thing at a time, can it? 😦 I wish I had words that are strong enough to help, but for now I’ll just remind you to breathe.

    • I see the oncologist again in about 3 weeks.

      In that time she’ll have contacted the radiologist for further information (his recommendations for follow up; and confirming that the left ovary has the issue and NOT the right as indicated by my pain) and then we will also do another clinical breast exam.

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