“With you we have to be really careful”

The above quote is what the radiologist said to me yesterday morning.


Part of me feels happy and encouraged with hearing this statement.

But then the other part of me struggles with the magnitude and the weight of it.


I got to the hospital at the scheduled time, 10:30 AM.  By the time the front office girls got everything in order, it was close to 11:30 before I got into the room.  I expressed to them several times, “Dr. L (oncologist) told me that the Radiologist is doing the exam.”  {Note:  I don’t ask questions really about rules or protocol.  If that’s what Dr. L said was going to happen, then you can bet I’m going to make DARN SURE that it gets done.  I don’t really give a rip if Dr. C (radiologist) doesn’t normally do pelvic ultrasounds.  I just am following the instructions of my oncologist.}

Ladies Room

Ladies Room (Photo credit: Vassilis Online)

Now, for you ladies who have had a pelvic ultrasound, you are acutely aware of the FUN I experienced in 2 parts!  After Part 1 was complete I don’t think I could have run any faster to the Ladies Room!  That’s where I met Dr. C in the hallway and he asked, “Are you Dr. L’s patient?”  [He said the giveaway was me returning from the restroom. HAH!]

Dr. C didn’t actually do the procedure but he was present in the room.  Poor technician girl was so nervous!  I could feel her anxiety around him!  He asked her for measurements of my left (and right, I think) ovary and then I heard him say, “endometrial stripe”.  No clue what that is.  I need to ask Dr. Google about that one.  And then I heard him say, “Well within the normal range.”  And then, “Sorry if I scared you.”

Bottom line, (I hope/think/pray/feel) is that this repeat procedure was just my doctor being cautious.  There was some discrepancy with my left ovary and further study was warranted by some of the medical professional who “take care” of me.  I’m OK with this (the further study, repeat ultrasound.)  Even though it did cause some deep fear in me for a while.  What’s the alternative, right?  

Next on my to-do list?  Get to my appointment next week and have her check my right Dairy Queen again to see if she still feels the “suspicion”.

Man.  Cowden’s Syndrome is an effing BEAST!


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