Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge (My First)

Love this girl

Love this girl

I am participating in this and here is my first submission!  One of the neat things about blogs is that by clicking and clicking on them you’ll never know where you might land!  Tonight I found the below website and just am figuring out the blog.  But, when I saw that you could post pictures about kitties I knew I had to get my girls involved.  🙂  Tiggerwigger has been with our family since 2005 and is one of the smartest cats we’ve ever had.  Usually when I’m sitting in the recliner in the evenings she will walk up on me and climb up to about my neck and plop herself down.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge (My First)

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  2. I just love orange and whites — we have one, who will be featured tomorrow’s post; the rest of the gang is either calico, black or greys!! Love Tiggerwigger’s eyes!!

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