• It’s crunch time as the surgery date looms closer.  I am doing the best I can to keep busy.  Staying hydrated, calm, exercising, going to the chiropractor, etc.  I can and will do this!


  • Have you heard of Lynch Syndrome?  The Internet and The Twitter (HAH) are amazing things.  Really.  I have connected with a few people who have this syndrome and I’m floored at the similarities between that and Cowden’s Syndrome!
  • How did you spend your Saturday evening?  I was in the ER, in fact.  (Groan!)….something appeared to be very off with my calcium.  Tingling in my hands and feet and my lips were numb.  I had muscle spasms in my neck and had a very nagging and annoying headache all week.  Since I was home alone I decided I best go check it out.  I kept hearing in my mind the words from one of the radiologists (“With you we have to be really careful.”) – and instead of worrying about it all weekend I could go get it checked out.  Right?  Well, of courssssssssse my calcium was right in the normal range!  This is good!  But what the freak was causing my symptoms?  Could it be because I have a rare, genetic condition?  HAH.  Doubtful.  The very cool ER doctor called it “Hyperventilation Syndrome”.  Urg, enough with the syndromes already!  Which seemed weird to me because I hadn’t been bothered or stressed on Saturday.  No matter. The point is that he gave me an Ativan (yum!) and I slept it off, apparently. The tingling is gone.  WEIRD.

English: Emergency room after the treatement o...

  • I am actually getting very excited for Black Thursday (are they calling it that now?) – I only shop at the big “T”.  I refuse to go anywhere else – and in fact, I’m actually almost done with my shopping.  I wanted to get as much of it done as possible before the surgery 12/11.


  • So, if I haven’t been clear I am having a hysterectomy on 12/11.  For many reasons, but I guess I should remind myself that I am taking my healthcare in my own hands and choosing to NOT get uterine cancer in the first place.  Approximately 28% risk of uterine cancer comes with Cowden’s Syndrome – NO EFFING THANK YOU.  You know, that’s pretty big odds to me because cancer is cancer.  And considering I have Lhermitte-duclos disease, which is a rare brain tumor making up about 1% of all brain tumors, I don’t really want to play those odds.  So, easy decision, right?  You’d think it would be.  You’d think I would be saying and feeling, HEATHER.  You will not get cancer if you do this.  WHEW.  You have the power and control.  You are strong and empowered.  DO THIS AND GO FORWARD IN FAITH.  However, it’s not always like that.  The stark, painful, reality that I will not ever get to be a mother nags on my heart.  Very heavy heart at times.
  • “There’s a lot to be said for hope and miracles.”  I told a family member this who had just gotten diagnosed with breast cancer.  Time for me to put that into action:

Hope is the state which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or in the world at large.” [copied from Wikipedia].  I want positive outcomes related to this upcoming surgery and with my overall experience with Cowden’s Syndrome and Lhermitte-duclos disease.  I WANT HOPE.  What am I doing to promote this?  That is the question!

“A miracle is an event not ascribable to human power or the laws of nature and consequently attributed to a supernatural, especially divine, agency.” [Wikipedia].  I have always said that coming out the other end of a 13-hour brain surgery is pretty miraculous indeed.  There are miracles all around me too.  I try to look at them daily.  My family.  My cats (I heart them).  The fact that I’m walking and talking and typing.  There’s more miracles folks, I know there are.  I just need to wind up this post.  Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Good luck! I saw that you’ve connected with my friend Georgia! Crazy how the internet works, huh? Lol.

    I didn’t realize how similar Lynch and Cowden’s are until I started researching hereditary colon cancer syndrome facts for the It Takes Guts! Challenge.

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