Healing (Photo of the day 12/20/13)


  1. Today is Day 9 since the hysterectomy.  WOW.
  2. I never knew how wonderful it is to have 15+ staples removed from your abdomen. Pure bliss.
  3. Nephew #2 said a few days ago I walk like a penguin.
  4. Today I walked to the end of the block!
  5. I can breathe into this doo-hickey and get the thing-a-ma-bobber to 1000. Whew. Without even breaking a sweat!
  6. Norco + Ativan = perfection.
  7. I’m not at the “book-reading” stage yet. Hope to be next week. Heck, I need to be at the “room-cleaning stage” PRONTITO!
  8. Found these neat app today called “Jingle Radio.” Check it!
  9. My bedroom has bags of Christmas presents all around.  AND, I haven’t even had a moment to break out my MK bag that I got on Black Friday! (Ladies: those of you in the know, stay tuned!)
  10. I had some amazing nurses in the hospital who really made a positive effect in this surgery experience for me.  I’m going to prepare some gifts for them to show my gratitude as soon as I’m feeling better.  Nurse Z told me during one of my overnights at the hospital, “I’m here to help you.” HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!  Now, I also met a crabby pre-op nurse who said something rude & offensive to me as she’s poking around my arms to find a vein (but I will leave that story for another post.) Very small woman who should not be in the medical field. But I’m going to focus my energy & gratitude on Nurse Z and CNA E. Really incredible people. They were fantastic and I will tell them so ASAP.
  11. I really want a juicer.  One of those Brevell types or something like unto it.  I have been drawn to them for the last few months but don’t know where to start, price wise, etc.  Does anyone have any thoughts?
  12. When I can’t sleep I read blogs.  It’s 12:45 AM.  Why am I still awake?
  13. What is the best way to stop writing in the passive voice?  I cannot tell you how much time I spend editing posts to fix said things and I cannot do it.  HELP!
  14. Watched Home Alone tonight with my family.  That is by far, my favorite Christmas movie, ever.  And, I had to think of one more thing to write about because I could not end on “13″.
  15. EDIT:  The formatting on this post bugged me so much I had to re-do it today (12/21/13).

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