Taking Stock, Christmas Eve 2013

I borrowed this idea from here and I thought it’d be a nice Christmas Eve post. I am surprised at how difficult it is for me to think of some answers. Must mean I should do this more often.

Making : Not much. I usually stay out of the kitchen at mealtimes. ๐Ÿ™‚
Cooking : See above.
Drinking : Water. Tons.
Reading: Different 12-step books; Book of Mormon; Eva Moves the Furniture (Can’t really get into this but I’m trying!); a book by Geneen Roth.
Wanting: To get some use of my new Michael Kors bag I got on Black Friday this year. I’m so excited yet I haven’t been out yet to really use it so it’s still in the Macy’s bag.
Looking: At a very messy computer desk.
Playing: Not enough playing in my life. Need to do some.
Deciding: That since surgery is complete, what is my next thing to focus my attention on?
Wishing: For the ability to always focus my attention on the positive things in my life.
Enjoying: Pure Peppermint Ice Blended drinks from CBTL. (NOTE: Do not get them from Starbucks. Gross!)
Waiting: For Mr. Right. (HAH! )
Liking: Anything colored green.
Wondering: Why Tiggerwigger and Konacoffee don’t play with the toys we buy them?!
Loving: The Santa Clause movies marathoning on TV. ๐Ÿ™‚ And, my red and white checkered throw I bought at Target a few Black Fridays ago.
Pondering: Where I will be in 12 months time.
Considering: The great courage I showed by having the hysterectomy. I’m now a PREVIVOR!
Watching: Days of Our Lives. Like always.
Hoping: For a great 2014.
Marveling: At the fact that it’s 84 degrees in December.
Needing: A pedicure. This girl deserves some pampering!
Smelling: Christmas dinner cooking!
Wearing: Old Utah t-shirt and sweats from Target.
Following: Too many accounts on Twitter.
Noticing: That the pain in my abdomen is decreasing!
Knowing: That as time passes the pain will be less and less.
Thinking: I need to read more. And do The Twitter less. ๐Ÿ™‚
Feeling: Overwhelmed. (A bit bummed that I didn’t have the hysterectomy during the summer because this Christmas season has blurred past me.)
Admiring: Those who figure out (and are successful) the magic bullet of diet and exercise to lose weight. Why don’t I get it?!
Buying: My Michael Kors bag.
Getting: Stronger each day. RIGHT?!
Bookmarking: Lots and lots of health blogs.
Opening: A cheddar cheese stick to munch on while waiting for dinner.
Giggling: Anytime I hear my nephews laugh – I giggle. To hear them is the best. sound. EVER.


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