Fun Fact Friday 2/28/14 (late)

I am super late in writing my Fun Fact Friday because of this nasty cold. UGH. Alla-Seltzer plus, DayQuil, et al is only scratching the surface. The Fun Fact Friday for 2/28 is that day was Rare Disease Day. You can read all about it here and here. The following are more things I wanted to share with you about Rare Disease Day.

1). This

2). I was at the doctor on Friday (my Primary) and she wears the denim jeans pin on her name badge that I gave her ~ she’s cool like that. 🙂 I told her it was Rare Disease Day – and I guess due to my cold, she thought I said, “Wear Disease Day”. BAHA.

3). I did a lot of tweeting about RDD and connected with many who have rare diseases. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Did you know there are about 7000 rare diseases?

This is another amazing organization bringing rare out of obscurity. I heart them; and I hope you will heart them too.

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