Neurology day on #BrainTumorThursday

It seems only fitting that I saw Dr. D (neurologist) this morning.  I can’t believe it’s coming up on 3 years since the brain surgeries!  Regardless of timing, seeing him (and the neurosurgeon) always leaves me a little emotionally drained.

I told him about some symptoms I have experienced lately, and I always seem to struggle with which doctor to tell my symptoms to.  Tingling, dizziness, etc., that could be caused by tons of things, right?  Anyway, I told him what’s been going on (I started a new medication to help manage my anxiety and depression), and he had said, “Well, you did have brain surgery,” but not in a flippant way.  He said that since the brain surgery my body may need more time to process new things (medication) and I should take it every few days, starting out.

He also said these things I’m experiencing could be par for the course (because of the surgeries) and as long as they aren’t non-stop, he’s not super-concerned.

Lastly, he did all his neurological tests, and then said, “Dr. K sure did a good job on your surgery.”




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