Friend With a Brain Tumor?

Friend With a Brain Tumor?.

The link above is to a post of another virtual contact of mine; she is living with a malignant brain tumor.  Do you think you know what a brain tumor is really about?

Check it out.  If nothing else, as a favor to me.


3 thoughts on “Friend With a Brain Tumor?

  1. what a wonderful post – i’m sure we’re all uncertain what to say at certain times to people with cancer or other illnesses. those tips are very helpful. thanks for sharing a great blog post.

  2. Great post. I’m guest hosting for more than 52 people (at least one per week in 2014) who share their perspective on what they wish they had known before they (or their loved one) got brain cancer. Lots if different info, but this post drills down to the basics of a lot of things.

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