Fun Fact Friday 6/20/14 (late)

Over the years, I have worked at a few bookstores and looking back, those were my most favorite jobs.  Dare I say I have a tendency to hoard books?  I used to, anyway.  I love to be surrounded by books.  Most any genre, except for true-crime.  Those never caught my interest for very long.  Back in the 90’s (baha!) I read mainly fiction; John Grisham was my go-to guy.  But as I matured I was drawn more to non-fiction; (medical mostly) and I had a lot of thyroid books (back before we knew of Cowden’s Syndrome-anything.)

Last year I was in the middle, no, almost end of, Eat Pray Love.  I took this book with me everywhere.  But, I realized about 6 months ago that I lost it.  I was pretty devastated, although I had seen the movie and was surrounded by tons of other books, I really wanted to finish this book and feel the books are always better than the movie.  I was going to check it out from the library but I was really nervous that I would lose this one, too.  😦

For the last week or so I have really been focusing on getting that book again.  To make matters worse, I watched the movie again over the weekend.  So, that didn’t help.  I had to find this book.  I was a woman on a mission!

The point of my post is YESTERDAY I FOUND IT!  For $1 at my library!  I couldn’t believe it.  I asked the kid behind the counter if he had seen it in the “Friends of the Library” area and he said he hadn’t.  But, he suggested I look in non-fiction because it was probably shelved there if there was a copy.


And, THERE WAS!  There was!  I cannot express very well how excited this made me.  To top it off I also bought this book and this one.

Color me happy!


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