Fun Fact Friday 7/25/14

Are you a big TV watcher?  What was your favorite TV show of the last few decades?  Charlie’s Angels?  Silver Spoons?  Friends?  Over the years my family and I have gone to see several TV show tapings.  Quite fun!  Being in the audience, feeling the energy of the crowd, there’s nothing quite like it.  (I used to say, if I had it to do over again, I would have studied TV/Film in college because I would have LOVED to work in that industry.  That stuff just fascinates me.  I always call it “Organized Chaos” because to the layperson it looks like tons of people are just standing around doing nothing.  But, I know that each and every one of them have a specific job they are doing at each moment.

One of my favorite shows in the 1980’s was this show.  And while I don’t remember exactly what year I was there (1988?) – the show we were watching was a milestone for them.  I think the 100th show possibly.  The Audience Guy (my term; it’s not the correct one) was giving away stuff to audience members (t-shirts, etc.) and one of the things he was giving away was a cue card.  I WAS IN!  The only thing I had to do was go down to the front (not on the set but where we were sitting) and sing “Jeremiah was a bull frog”.



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