No mas vertigo

One of my biggest fears since brain surgery is that at some point in my life my cerebellum will give up the ghost.  That it will say, “You know what?  I’m tired.  I’m ticked off that I was dug about for 13 hours and I don’t want to work anymore.  I’m out.”

Of course, I don’t know if brains work that way.  I know that thyroid glands do, because years ago I was told that eventually my thyroid was going to burn itself out.  And, it did.  (This was years before I knew anything about PTEN mutations and Cowden Syndrome.)

I have dealt with severe vertigo since Monday morning.  When I tossed and turned Monday morning my entire world (literally) began to spin on its hinges.  Monday night I had an even worse episode when I tried to get something out of the dashboard on my car.  Tuesday morning the same thing happened (Groundhog Day anyone?) so I went to the Urgent Care yesterday evening.  (I called my neurologist’s office and that’s what he suggested I do.)  After the doctor had me do all the neuro tests (I HATE those tests so much!) he gave me a prescription for a steroid and anti histamine (AND a shot in my bumm‼️) and said he was going to treat for BPPV, because he didn’t know if it was the brain tumors giving me grief or not.

I spent 2 hours at the pharmacy waiting for my meds (such a long story), it literally felt like the last night.  I don’t feel better this morning.  4 1/2 more days of steroids.  Ugh.


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