No Fun Fact Friday

I haven’t felt very “fun” lately, so I am tossing FFF today.

Maybe it’s because I have the mammogram next week and that “85% lifetime risk of breast cancer” just never goes to bed?  Or that I have an early brain MRI to check the brain tumors?  Who knows.  Regardless, something is off.

Here’s a quote from my Instagram account this week:

Yoga is amazing. It just is. Period. I’m so thankful I found a place that I can work on strengthening my balance because these effing brain tumors aren’t going to get me down! At least not without A FIGHT!  Last week I had gnarly vertigo and I’m struggling with my balance & dizziness. Have the tumors grown? Who knows. Is my cerebellum giving up the ghost? Dunno that either. I AM TIRED, so I can only imagine how tired my cerebellum is. So. What do I do? I keep fighting tooth and nail on this freaking balance stuff. Because WHEN the time comes – I hope I have established enough of a reserve to pull from.

Something kinda funny happened today while I was out running errands.  I got a phone call from a number that I recognized to be from the hospital, which I assumed to be confirming the mammogram on Monday.  After I answered the girl told me she was calling to let me know the technician was going to be on vacation next week and “did I want to reschedule my appointment?”  I was a bit confused because, although it’s a good thing that the radiology staff knows me by name, it was odd they were calling me to tell me she was going on vacation.  After I pressed her for a bit more information she remembered that I either “only liked” certain hospital staff or “didn’t like” certain hospital staff.  (Note: I know EXACTLY who I DO NOT like in the radiology department.  Too many pelvic ultrasounds gone wrong from a raunchy technician – you make sure you leave the room, after you dry your tears, with your head up, OUT FOR BLOOD.)  The girl I refuse to have ever perform another procedure on me THANKFULLY is not the mammogram technician.  Whew.

I was touched that the front desk staff had my back.  Really made me feel good.

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