Today’s choice

At this moment, I have 1 of 2 choices. I can continue to fret and stress about my dire financial situation and make myself even sicker about it, or I can redirect my attention to something (mildly) positive.  I shall choose the latter.  Now, interestingly enough, this 2nd thing shouldn’t be THAT big of a deal, but beeeeee-lieve me.  It IS.

Usually, most of my time is spent micro-managing every medical clinic I attend, making sure things are getting done (procedures scheduled correctly, prescriptions getting called in to the correct pharmacy, etc.)  And, most often, when things fall apart (read: the staff drops the ball) they instruct me to do the calling.  I have to call the pharmacy, or the other clinic, or whatever.  Instead of THEM doing their job, they put the responsibility onto MY shoulders.  (I guess in part, that’s fine, because I know it’s getting done.  However, I don’t have a job.  I don’t have any money.  I’m in real trouble.  If I am expected to do THEIR FREAKING JOB then I expect to get paid for it.)

Last week I saw a new psychiatrist for my mental health services, and thankfully, I really like her.  We decided to increase (slowly) one of my current medications.  When I went a few days later to the pharmacy to pick it up, they told me the insurance denied approving it.  (Whaaaaa?)  Pharmacy told me they faxed Psych a form that needed to get filled out and sent to Insurance.  I called Psych and left message to follow-up.  Called Psych again yesterday and they said they didn’t receive it.  Called Pharmacy back AGAIN and they said they would RE-SEND it.  Played a bit more phone tag with Psych (which isn’t fun, BTW) and guess what?

Psych called this morning.  There is STILL NO FREAKING FAX from Pharmacy.

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I just cannot.

Is this what my life has become?  Calling all these medical offices making sure they do their DANG JOB?!  My life is revolving around this effing piece of paper?!

But here’s the kicker:  When I told Psych, “Hang on.  Let me get a pen to write your fax number for when I call Pharmacy.” she replied, “Oh.  I am going to call Pharmacy.  I just needed to make sure I knew which one you used.”


Granted.  This all may blow up tomorrow, but I sure hope it doesn’t!

Today, I am thankful for small favors.



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