Thank You

There’s always something on my mind.

I mean, like freaking ALLLLLLLLLways.

And that’s why I have this blog.  Where I can write about the crazy that lives in my head and then let them (my thoughts) roam FREE in Internet land!

Something has bothered me.  Although I don’t know if “bother” is the right word.

Usually my life is fraught with chaos and hectic-ness (is that a word?) that Lhermitte-duclos Disease and Cowden Syndrome bring.  But, every once in a while I am able to pause and go, “Wow.  That was really huge.  I need to take a moment and say Thank You.”

Last week I had the appointment for the stress test and I did all I could to not freak out about it.  (Granted, I had the abnormal EKG several weeks earlier.  IF it was a huge deal I KNOW my primary doctor would have moved heaven and earth to get me in sooner.  So, then there’s that.)  Anyway, by the time I checked in, got to the other waiting room, got called by the technician, then went to the exam room, my head was spinning.  But when I walked into the room and saw the treadmill and other medical items (tools?) I was overwhelmed.

I can’t even fathom how much all that medical equipment cost, let alone the procedure itself!  I am so grateful that I don’t have to pay for these tests.  I am very aware of the hand of the Lord in my life right now (and, well, always, if I am honest.)  I am now one of “those people” (quotes added by me) who needs help, and I very easily could be on the other end, forced to pay more to help others.

How can I ever say thank you?  To those who’s lives have been turned upside down by this Healthcare overhaul?  I just want you to know that I am aware. I am thankful.  I am humbled.  If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be receiving the necessary screenings for management of these rare diseases.  There’s no way I could ever pay for what I need that in turn, may extend my life.

So here, on this small space of Internet real estate that I am renting-to-own, I thank you.

Thank you for helping me, whomever and wherever you are.


2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I get you big time. My daughters last account was $49000. Thank God we didn’t have to pay as there’s no way we could have. Like you we are so grateful.

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