Fun Fact Friday 12/19/14

Did you watch that TLC show last weekend called The Secret Santa?

My Mom had TLC on all day Sunday, and I must admit that I got a bit hooked on a few of their Christmas shows.  I love Christmas.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  (And I especially loved the shows that featured people decorating their homes in 245,992 lights.)  🙂

(Thankfully) My nephews were near the TV when The Secret Santa came on, and after a few minutes they were hooked.  (Almost as magical as this show.)  They were mesmerized.  Quiet.  Sitting on the floor with their head in their hands, drinking in every word that came out of the TV.  (My nephews are in 4th and 2nd grade, so they are right on the cusp of still believing in Santa.)

During the show I asked them what they thought of it.  Nephew #2 said, “It makes you believe in Santa more.”

Me too. 


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